Be part of the homestead movement, March 1st, 2024

Whalen Farms Membership

🌻 Hey Friend!

Guess what? I'm so excited to spill the beans about something I've been working on – the Whalen Farms Membership!

Picture this:

me, just a girl who grew up on the farm, still learning every day, and itching to share all those nuggets of wisdom with you.

🎬 What's Inside: Every month, I'll be sharing three videos on all things homesteading – gardening, animal, home decorating, canning, and preserving. Just imagine us hanging out, chatting about the real stuff that goes down on the homestead.

📚 Dig Deeper: You'll also get PDF downloads to dive deeper into what we cover in the videos. Practical stuff you can actually use – no fluff, just farm-tested goodness.

💬 Let's Chat! But here's the fun part – we're creating a cozy corner on Facebook where we can chat it up. Share your wins, ask questions, and make friends with other Whalen Farms pals. Because who doesn't love a good homesteading chat?

🌟 Snag the Deal: Now, I want you to be in on a little secret – this is our launch, and I'm offering an exclusive price just for you. This isn't some sales gimmick; it's a thank you for being part of this from the start. But, heads up, this deal won't last forever.

Ready to jump in? Drop your email in below to secure your spot on the waitlist. Can't wait to share this homesteading adventure with you!

🌾 Catch you on the farm, Eryn 🚜

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